Heat pumps are the modern option for a high-performing home HVAC system. At Synergy Home, we've seen significant growth in the demand for these systems as Kentucky homeowners become increasingly aware of the benefits.

What is a Mini Split Heat Pump?

A mini split heat pump is composed of two parts, one of which is located outside the home, while the other is inside. These two parts are connected by tubing filled with refrigerant. It transfers warm or cold air into the home — making it a heating solution during the colder season and a high-efficiency air conditioner during the hot months.

Fix Your FROG!

Mitsubishi is a top manufacturer of mini split heat pumps. These high-efficiency units are straightforward to install, offering a flexible solution to heating and cooling. Due to their versatility and low profile, ductless mini splits are a great solution for rooms that have been difficult to properly heat and cool or don’t feature existing ductwork. In the past, these units have generally been used as additions to existing HVAC systems. With Mitsubishi’s ever-improving technology, these units can now fully replace traditional heating and cooling systems especially in the relatively mild climate of Kentucky.

In addition to their ease of installation and flexibility, mini splits also:

  • Reduce energy bills with high-efficiency heating and cooling
  • Improve indoor air quality with multi-stage air filtration
  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint due to their energy efficiency
  • Increase comfort, particularly in rooms that were previously too hot or too cold

Let Synergy Get Your Whole Home Comfortable

Synergy Home understands how the whole home works together to create a living environment. Although mini split heat pumps are a great way to condition those hard-to-reach places in your home, ensuring your home’s building envelope is properly sealed and insulated should be the first step in true home comfort and energy efficiency. When you’re ready to install a high-efficiency mini split heat pump, Synergy offers Mitsubishi models to suit your needs.

At Synergy Home, we’re at the cutting edge of home heating and cooling. Contact us or call (859) 687-0553 to learn more about installing a mini split heat pump!

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Lexington, KY
Wayne H.
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