When you start to think about whole-home performance, you don't focus on just one factor – such as the temperature on your thermostat or how large your air conditioning unit is. Instead, you consider the broad range of home systems that interact with one another to generate steady comfort throughout the year – not to mention health improvements and energy savings.

Some of the questions we'll ask during a whole-home performance evaluation are:

  • Do you have any hot or cold rooms?
  • Any rooms with more dust than others?
  • Does your family deal with allergies within the home environment?
  • How is the humidity in the summer/winter?
  • How does the temperature of the air coming out of your vents feel?
  • Is your heating and cooling system noisy?
  • How much are you spending on your monthly utility bill?

Synergy Home is Lexington's premier home performance team. Your comfort is our #1 priority. We'll spend time with you to determine where the issues are and how we can get your home in sync.

The Synergy Approach to Home Performance

It starts with an evaluation of your home's "envelope" – the barrier that surrounds all your living spaces and has a greater effect on occupant comfort than any equipment or machinery you can buy. A perfect envelope is a combination of professional air sealing (closing the air leaks) and high-performance insulation.

If your home is out of sync, you feel it.

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