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At Synergy we believe your home needs to be in sync.

When everything is working together your home will be more comfortable, more efficient and healthier. Our “house as a system” approach ensures that we guide you in making decisions that complement each other.

For example, if you were to put in a new heating system this year and then upgrade your insulation next year you might find that the new furnace is now too big because the insulation has lowered your home’s heating needs. We consult with you to maximize home upgrades and avoid costly missteps.

Making sure that all your home’s systems complement each other will save you money while making you more comfortable.

This is especially important when investing in a high-efficiency system like geothermal. In many cases we can add insulation at the same time as the geothermal system, allowing us to put in a smaller geothermal unit. This will usually pay for the upgraded insulation. Now not only did you spend about the same amount but because of the upgraded insulation, but the geothermal system is even more efficient and you have lower monthly bills!

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Synergy Home Insync Program

Is Your Home AC System in Sync?

Synergy Provides the Whole-Home Solution

You'll hear a lot about the “whole-home” approach these days. It boils down to viewing every building or structure as a system with interrelated parts that affect occupant comfort and energy usage. Change one part, and it affects all the others. That's not rocket science, but it does require the kind of expertise Synergy brings to the table.

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Synergy Home Insync Program
Join the InSync Program with Synergy Home today!

Join the InSync Program

Join our InSync membership and receive two annual maintenance visits per year. One is in fall to ensure your unit is heating correctly, and one is in spring to ensure proper cooling. You’ll receive priority scheduling, plus receive:

21-point inspection

Filter change (1″ filter included)

15% discount on parts & labor for additional services