What is Home Performance with Energy Star?

home performance energy star

                                                              (Image courtesy of  www.energystar.gov)

What does this mean for me?

By taking this unique, comprehensive approach to each one of our customers' homes, we ensure maximization of efficiency and comfort.  This process begins with an intial interview where we discuss what your concerns are in your home.  This could be cold floors, drafty rooms, inconsistent temperatures...etc.  Once your thoughts are heard, we conduct an in-depth evaluation of every aspect of your home.  This evaluation includes not only physically looking at every inch, but also performing advanced diagnostic testing to locate trouble spots.  Once we have the problem areas identified we can get to work on saving you money!  Synergy will be with you every step along the way to a more efficient and affordable home.  We are your local experts when it comes to heating, cooling, air sealing, insulating, geothermal, solar, and indoor air quality.

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