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When the air inside your home is overly dry, it can cause a host of different issues and reactions. Even though you may not notice the moisture level in the air simply by breathing and carrying on with your daily routine, your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin will always notice. There is also the possibility that low humidity for extended periods of time can affect your home’s structure. High indoor air quality is an important factor for every family, and keeping the humidity at a consistent level is a big part of that process.

At Synergy Home, we offer dependable humidifier installation and replacement in the Lexington area to keep the humidity at a comfortable and safe level at all times. We have more than a decade of experience as industry leaders and will provide you with the solution you need quickly and efficiently.

Do you need high-quality humidifier installation and replacement in Lexington, KY or the surrounding areas? Call us today to learn more.

Risks of Low Humidity in Your Lexington Home

When your living space becomes overly dry with a low humidity level, you may notice a range of unpleasant effects. It’s true that drier air can make it easier to breathe for some people, but it does cause other issues that include:

  • Nosebleeds

  • Dry throat

  • Dry eyes

  • Hay fever symptoms

  • Sinus congestion

  • Dry, brittle hair

  • Cracked skin

  • Cracks or splits in woodwork

If you notice that any of these conditions happen on a consistent basis, get in touch with our team of humidifier installation experts in Lexington to test your humidity levels and determine if a new humidifier is the right way to go.

Benefits of Whole-Home Humidifiers in Lexington, KY

As the name suggests, whole-home humidifiers supply a consistent level of humidity to all the rooms in your house at the same time. The system we use is installed directly onto the return air duct or supply duct of your HVAC system, so it is distributed evenly throughout the house. If you use portable humidifiers in various rooms, you may get some relief, but there will still be some areas that have overly dry air and experience negative effects. Some of the benefits we’ve noticed with whole-home humidifier systems installed include:

  • Fewer illnesses during flu season as moisture remains in mucous membranes

  • Smoother, healthier-looking skin

  • More restful sleep

  • Fewer allergy symptoms

  • Greater protection for furniture, walls, and wood floors

Whole-home humidifier systems are also easy to maintain. And the team at Synergy Home is always available to provide you with the service you need if your system isn’t running at full capacity.

Can I Try DIY Humidifier Installation?

If you choose portable humidifiers in your home that only need to be plugged into a basic outlet, then the DIY approach should be fine. But if you want a whole-home humidifier installation in Lexington, then it’s important to trust that job to professionals. Our highly trained technicians know their way around your HVAC system and will ensure that every component is installed safely and correctly, so you get maximum benefits. Professional installation also ensures all of your warranties remain intact, local building codes are followed, and everything is environmentally friendly. If you need a humidifier installed in your home to counteract some of the effects of overly dry air, then professional installation is the only way to go.

Portable humidifier on a kitchen counter

We Serve These Cities in the Lexington Area

At Synergy Home, we provide reliable humidifier installation and replacement services to the residents of Lexington and the following locations:

Reasons to Work with Our Lexington Humidifier Experts

When you have access to a team of specialists like the ones at Synergy Home, you can feel confident that your humidifier installation will go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the reasons your friends and neighbors choose to work with us:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Fully insured and licensed

  • Flexible financing options available

  • Courteous technicians that treat your home like it was their own

  • Honest pricing to help build trust

If you find that your home is too dry and you’re noticing a negative, get in touch with us today for high-quality humidifier installation in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas.



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