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Synergy Home provides tiered service plans for your convenience.

We are industry experts, taking a holistic approach to the evaluation of your home efficiency and comfort.

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Does My System Need Maintenance?

Regular preventive maintenance for your HVAC system should always be considered a top priority for Kentucky homeowners. Unfortunately, it’s something that often gets overlooked. Some believe that they don’t need to worry about issues occurring because their AC is new, but this doesn’t mean you won’t experience any problems. When a system fails, it can cost a substantial amount of money to fix, not to mention leave you stranded on days that can be uncomfortably hot. We service all makes and models, including ClimateMaster and WaterFurnace!

Synergy Home Insync Program

Air Conditioning Maintenance

You can expect us to check the following items when we perform A/C maintenance at your home or business:

  • Check thermostat and settings
  • Check filter
  • Check drains for proper drainage
  • Check blower wheel for excessive dirt
  • Check 24V wiring to outside wall
  • Check 240V wiring to outside wall
  • Check outdoor coil
  • Clean outdoor coil
  • Check wall penetration for proper seal
  • Check 240V connections
  • Check high voltage disconnect
  • Check unit ground and tighten
  • Check contactor for burn marks/pitting
  • Check fan motor visually
  • Check fan blade for damage
  • Check capacitor visually
  • Check wiring connections and tighten
  • Measure temperature at coil
  • Measure condenser AMP draw
  • Inspect thermostat and settings
  • Observe unit starting sequence
  • Check drains for proper drainage

Furnace Maintenance

You can also expect us to check the following items when we perform furnace maintenance at your home or business:

  • Check heat exchanger for rust/cracks/holes
  • Check venting for rust/corrosion
  • Check gas valve for leaks/corrosion
  • Check control wiring and connections
  • Check gas lines for rust/corrosion/support
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide in supply/exhaust
  • Inspect low high voltage wiring
  • Check burners for rust/proper operation
  • Check burner setup
  • Check blower assembly for vibration/dirt build-up
  • Check filter
  • Check hot surface ignitor/spark ignitor
  • Check pressure switch and tube
  • Measure AMP draw for inducer motor and blower motor
  • Measure temperature rise