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What is Solar Power?

To put it simply, solar power is energy extracted from the sun’s rays. Radiation from the sun is emitted constantly as it makes contact with the earth.

It’s possible to harness this energy by making use of photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunshine hits these cells, photons interact with electrons to create “flow,” which results in electricity generation.

What Are The Benefits of Solar?

25 year performance guarantee

10 year warranty on parts & labor

Receive a tax credit from the federal government of up to 26% of your solar project cost

Reduce your carbon footprint, while helping the environment

Silent, predictable energy production

Little to no maintenance

Price Match Guarantee on Solar

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Who Needs Solar?

Everyone who wants to take control of their electricity costs for the next 25 years and beyond! At home solar has never been easier - installation of quality panels are now more affordable than ever, and with the federal tax credit of 26% your new system will pay for itself quickly in energy savings.

What other home investment can you make which generates its own cash-flow for decades while adding to your home value? The answer is none. Conventional energy from your utility company will only go up in the future, why continue to pay elevated energy prices when you could be saving money on electricity bills, increasing your home value, while at the same time helping our planet by using renewable energy? If you're ready to learn more about our Solar installation services get in touch today!

Solar Advantages for
Your Home

  • Slash or eliminate your utility bill!
  • Reduce your environmental impact.
  • Give yourself energy independence from your utility.
  • Increase your home value.
  • Have the ability to charge your EV right at home.

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Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation Synergy Home Solar Installation

Featured Project Donation

Synergy Home is proud to donate the solar panels and labor for the Louisville Zoo. Creating the first Zero Net Carbon Carousel in the United States!

How Solar Panels Work...

Each solar panel is usually constructed of 60 or 72 solar cells, and these solar cells use the sunlight that reaches them to produce electricity that is used by homes and businesses. Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity when they are struck by sunlight, and this DC is converted into alternating current (AC) that is used by homes and businesses with a piece of equipment called an inverter.

Bursting at the seams with power, most high-quality panels come with a 25 year output warranty, and they’ll continue to perform and produce power well beyond that mark, often well into the 40 year range. That’s just one of the reasons solar panels are such a great investment for any household that receives ample sun.

Panels are attached to roofing types such as shingles or metal roofs on a home or business using a system that is either bolted to a pitched roof with watertight flashings or secured on a flat roof by a weight-bearing non-penetrating ballasted system. Panels can also be installed in a ground-mounted framing system, an ideal option for homes where the shaded roof is used and there is an open sunny space next to your property.

When you utilize solar power in your house, this energy is used first by the house rather than electricity from the utility grid. If there is not enough solar energy being produced, the home tops itself up with an electrical charge from the grid. If you are making too much energy for the house, it flows to the power grid and you are credited for later usage.

Producing no emissions, solar panels are perhaps the “greenest” of home performance upgrades. It’s no secret that more and more homeowners in the Lexington, KY area are moving in this direction each year.

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