Synergy president Jamie Clark is a visionary leader in the Lexington, KY home performance community. He's also a boots on the ground contractor working every day in area homes just like yours. 

Jamie founded Synergy with the mission of delivering value and efficiency to the local market. As a seasoned building science professional, he knows his stuff and is developing his team around these scientific guidelines for maximum comfort in the home.

Jamie and his family live in a local net-zero home themselves. Next time you see him in the community, ask about this process and what it can mean for your home!

This is a conversation about gas furnaces, so if you have an all-electric heat pump or some other heat source then this article is not for you, but please check back soon since we will be writing... Read more
Radon seeping out from the ground of a freshly mowed lawn. Synergy Home LLC provides radon mitgation services in Lexington Kentucky
Radon is a radioactive gas that leaks out of the ground. Outside, radon is found in such small concentrations that the air outside is able to dilute it enough so it becomes harmless. In our homes,... Read more