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Why Preventive Maintenance Is A Must

HVAC technician doing maintenance work on a heat pump

Maintaining your home’s heating system is a big responsibility for any Lexington area homeowner, but few people actually take the time to schedule routine maintenance to make sure their systems are running smoothly year-round.

Without routine heating maintenance, your home’s system may run less efficiently, which means it also runs the risk of breaking down and racking up larger utility bills. Synergy Home is here to help! With our easy and cost-effective HVAC maintenance, we’ll keep your system running efficiently 24/7!

Common Heating Problems

These problems are all common occurrences for unmaintained systems:

  • Blown fuses resulting in overheating and breakdowns

  • Carbon monoxide leaks

  • Dirty/clogged filters

  • Malfunctioning capacitors

  • Compressor breakdowns

  • Clogged drain lines

  • Leaking refrigerant

What A Preventive Maintenance Check Can Do

At Synergy Home, we understand that any of these problems can mean trouble for your home performance and comfort. When we come in and perform routine maintenance or fixes on your heating system, we make sure to thoroughly inspect it for issues and provide long-term solutions as quickly as possible. Our team’s typical heating maintenance checks include:

  • Checking the thermostat

  • Inspection for carbon monoxide leaks

  • Replacement of filters

  • Checking system controls

  • Tightening electrical connections

  • Inspecting the condensate drain

  • Lubricating moving parts

Once these checks are performed and fixes are made, your heating system will be running much more efficiently, which means your Lexington home will have lower utility bills with improved indoor comfort. Contact Synergy Home today at 859-687-0553 or request service online to schedule an evaluation for your HVAC check-up today!

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