Our Exclusive 12-Year Warranty on HVAC Systems

Wouldn't it be great if you could upgrade your heating or cooling system and know that it's going to last — without the worry of costly repairs down the road?

At Synergy Home, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind concerning your HVAC investment. That's why we offer an exclusive 12-year warranty on our heating and cooling systems.

Kentucky's Only 12-Year, No-Hassle HVAC Warranty

While most HVAC system warranties range from only five to ten years, we're pleased to offer a 12-year warranty on the HVAC units we install.

Our custom warranty includes a 12-year parts warranty for all components of installed systems, which protects your system against manufacturer defects or failure. It also includes 12-year, no-hassle unit replacement in the event of a major system component failure, defined as one of the following:

  • Compressor failure
  • Outdoor condenser coil leak
  • Indoor evaporator coil leak
  • Gas furnace heat exchanger failure

The warranty covers both parts and labor and applies to the original residential purchaser.

Expert Installation to Go with Your Warranty

Of course, a reliable and long-lasting HVAC system starts with top quality installation. At Synergy Home, we take the steps necessary to install new heating or air conditioning equipment with precision, giving you the benefits you expect from your HVAC investment.

Proper HVAC sizing

Every heating installation or AC installation begins with a manual J load calculation and complete load analysis to determine exactly what type and size of HVAC unit is best for your home. These calculations take a number of factors into account, including square footage, window efficiency, insulation, home airtightness, and orientation of the home. This ensures that your new unit is properly sized — giving you benefits like optimum indoor comfort, maximum energy efficiency, lower monthly utility bills, and longer lasting equipment.

A whole-home approach

We also take a whole-home approach with every installation. When we install your new HVAC equipment, we'll consider related factors that may affect your indoor comfort and energy efficiency, such as air leakage, insulation levels, ductwork, and humidity control.

Achieve Greater Peace of Mind with Synergy Home

If you want to rest easy knowing that the new HVAC system in your Lexington, KY area home is going to last, talk to Synergy Home. We offer expert installation and an unmatched 12-year, no-hassle warranty. Your newly installed HVAC system will last longer, and you'll be protected in the event of an emergency.

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