Getting money back for doing something that will help you in the long-term is a great incentive since you know you’ll be seeing a return immediately, as well as in the future. However, since rebate programs are constantly changing, it’s important to take advantage of them as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on savings for a project you would have ended up doing anyway.

Benefits of Rebate Programs

Rebate programs are like an additional bonus for projects that will help you save money and be more comfortable in your home. Qualifying for rebates will allow you to ease the initial financial burden of completing home improvements and will also provide you with a way to complete larger projects sooner, instead of having to space them out over time.

Kentucky Home Energy Rebates from LG&E and KU

The current upgrades are eligible for rebates through the LG&E and KU Home Energy Rebates Program:

  • $100 to $750 back for installing a new, high-efficiency central air conditioner or air-source heat pump
  • $75 back for installing a new, ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer
  • $50 back for having an ENERGY STAR dishwasher installed
  • Up to $200 back for installing high-efficiency windows and window film
  • $50 or $100 back for installing an ENERGY STAR certified freezer or refrigerator
  • $300 back for installing an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater

Making these updates won’t only save you money now with rebates, but because you’ll have energy efficient systems, you will continue saving each month on your energy bills.

Qualify for Rebates with Help from Synergy

If you’re unsure which upgrades would benefit your home the most or which rebates you would qualify for, the team at Synergy can help. We are experts in home efficiency, comfort, and safety solutions so we’ll provide you with the expertise and support your project requires. In addition to helping you qualify for rebates, we can also help you determine if you might be eligible for financing to stretch your budget even further.

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