Energy efficient geothermal systems are durable and rarely require repairs. The equipment and ground loops are designed to last decades, especially when they are properly maintained.

It is important to hire a repair technician that is specially trained to repair and maintain geothermal systems. If you are experiencing signs that a repair is needed, Synergy Home technicians are skilled in quickly identifying and repair issues. 

Signs That You Need Geothermal Repair

  • Reduction in cooling or heating power
  • Ice on indoor coils during the cooling season
  • Mechanical failure in the interior cabinet
  • Wet spot on the lawn
  • Unexplainable spike in the power bill
  • A loud grating noise coming from the interior cabinet
  • Reduction in airflow

While the ground loops of your geothermal system are designed to last 50 years or longer, the interior equipment typically lasts a couple decades. It is more common that repairs will be need in the interior cabinet than in the ground loop.

Although this is rare with systems that are less than 50 years old, the ground loop can form a leak over time. If you have an unexplainably wet spot on your lawn and your system isn’t as powerful as before, your geothermal ground loop may have a leak. Synergy technicians can add a dye into the heat pump to determine if there is a leak and where the leak is located.

Geothermal System Maintenance for Your Lexington Home

Like other types of HVAC equipment, geothermal units in Central Kentucky last longer when they are properly maintained. Regular maintenance can help prevent the need for a repair or stop a small repair from turning into a larger one. Synergy Home technicians are trained in all aspects of geothermal system maintenance. We can test the coolant levels in the ground loop and make corrections as needed. If there is concern, we can test the ground loops to determine if there is a leak. Our service package solutions can help guarantee you’ll receive maintenance before a serious repair is needed.

Homeowners can also perform regular maintenance. It is important to clean or change the air filter as recommended by the owner’s manual to promote airflow. Check the the condensate drain seasonally to ensure that water drains properly, since clogs can develop from debris mixing with water and becoming stuck in the condensate drain.

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