Approximately 5 air conditioners break down for every 1 furnace breakdown. This is because AC systems have a lot more moving parts and are under a lot more stress than furnaces. Also, air conditioning systems sit outside in the baking heat of summer and freezing cold of winter, experiencing the harshest elements nature can throw at them.

Today’s AC systems are under more stress than ever because of the new environmentally friendly refrigerants they contain. The good old freon-based units compressed the refrigerant to 150 pounds per square inch. Updated systems go as high as 600 pounds per square inch. To put that into perspective, your car tires are at 35-40 PSI and your plumbing is at 75 PSI.

Now more than ever, we need to regularly maintain your AC to prevent breakdowns

A 5% over or under charge can lower a system’s efficiency by 25%. That’s equivalent to the difference between a builders' grade system and a high-efficiency system. Have you purchased a high-efficiency system and not seen the expected savings?

Time and time again we are called to service a system that was improperly installed. Even the best installation companies make mistakes, and we know more today than we have ever known about proper system commissioning. Installation errors cause your system to not deliver its rated efficiency. It will cause more breakdowns and safety hazards.

Synergy Home offers several different levels of preventive maintenance, but if you are new to our company and have never used us before, we recommend the Synergy Home full system evaluation.

What is the Synergy Home full system evaluation?

This signature service includes:

  • Duct inspection for size, capacity and leakage.
  • Inspect for mold inside the equipment and ductwork.
  • Inspect the filter system. 
  • Check power consumption on all electrical components.
  • Thermostat calibration to make sure your controls are accurate.

After the evaluation we will give you a full prognosis of your equipment along with any needed recommendations for improvement. Call us today to learn more!

Now more than ever, it's important to get your AC checked.

Call Synergy Home for your full system evaluation!


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Wayne H., Lexington, KY

As a Lexington builder I have worked with Jamie for many years and have moved with him whenever he took a position with a new company. He has a better grasp in product systems and knowledge than any other professional HVAC guy in Lexington.


Lexington, KY
Wayne H.

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