Today's gas furnaces are higher performing and more energy efficient than ever, but many contracting companies still go with a "one size fits all" approach. Synergy Home offers properly sized, variable-speed furnaces that will work perfectly in your home this winter – and for many years to come. 

What's a variable speed gas furnace?

Think of a variable speed gas furnace as the home version of the climate control system in your car. Cars used to have just 2 levels of heat – on or off. When it was too cold in the cabin, you turned on the heater. When it was too hot, you cracked the window. Today, you can tune the interior heat to exactly the level you want – and most cars even include driver and passenger zoning.

The way this works is with a variable speed motor running the heating system. We can give you the same performance in your home as you enjoy driving down the road in your car. The added benefit in your home is that you're going to save energy. The heater won't run too long or too hot – it will only run at the level that's needed to bring comfort to the interior spaces.

The Synergy process for installing a new gas furnace

We use a whole-home approach to every gas furnace installation. Here's how that works:

  • We evaluate your home for overall efficiency, making recommendations and improvements as needed to optimize comfort and minimize drafts.
  • We complete load calculations to make sure your new system is going to be the right size.
  • Our home performance team will install the new system and help train you in its features.

Don't call just any local contractor to install a gas furnace in your home. Get the best system – and get it installed properly – by calling Synergy today!

High-performance affordable heating to take you through winter.

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This is a conversation about gas furnaces, so if you have an all-electric heat pump or some other heat source then this article is not for you, but please check back soon since we will be writing about other forms of heating in the coming weeks.