“There’s nothing worse than having your heating system die at 11PM on Christmas eve, I know because every year we have at least one customer call us with an emergency call at the worst possible time.” –Jamie Clark, President

Why preventive maintenance is so important for heating systems

It’s a fact that heating systems on a regular preventative maintenance plan only experience breakdowns 2% as often as systems that do not have regular maintenance. Systems break down when they are under the most stress, which is also the worst possible time for a system failure. While we can tune up your heating system any time of year, early fall is optimum to help us keep you running through the winter.

Synergy's Preventive Maintenance Options

Synergy Home offers several different levels of preventive maintenance. If you are new to our company and have never used us before we recommend The Synergy Home full system evaluation. Why? Time and time again we are called to service a system that was improperly installed, because even the best companies make mistakes and we know more today then we have ever know about proper system commissioning. Installation errors cause your system to not deliver its rated efficiency it will cause more breakdowns and ever premature death.

The Synergy Home full system evaluation includes:

  • Duct inspection for size, capacity and leakage. According to a University of Kentucky study the average home in Kentucky built before 2006 leaks 44% of its conditioned air to the attic or crawlspace. Today’s systems can not leak more than 10% by building code. Is your system up to code or are you wasting 35% of your conditioned air?
  • Inspect for mold inside the equipment and ductwork.
  • Inspect the filter system. At least half of the systems we see are not properly filtering your air. In fact, many are breathing straight from your attic or crawlspace.
  • Checking power consumption on all electrical components. This is much like your doctor checking your heart rate and blood pressure. It allows us to see if there is a greater issue that will cause problems down the road.
  • Thermostat calibration to make sure your controls are accurate. If you do not have a digital thermostat chances are you are 3 to 5 degrees off from where you think you are.

After the evaluation we will give you a full prognosis of your equipment along with any needed recommendations for improvement. The cost is $450 for the first system and $350 for each additional system.

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Wayne H., Lexington, KY

As a Lexington builder I have worked with Jamie for many years and have moved with him whenever he took a position with a new company. He has a better grasp in product systems and knowledge than any other professional HVAC guy in Lexington.


Lexington, KY
Wayne H.

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