In Lexington, KY's mid-range climate, a modern heating system is essential. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking to upgrade the comfort level in an older home, Synergy offers a consultative, whole-home approach to heater installation.

Highlights of the Synergy process for heater installation

  1. We make sure heat is not leaking out of the home. Sometimes the easiest upgrade to a heating system is not a new system installation – we can solve the problem by eliminating air leakage and drafts.
  2. We perform load calculations and a heat load analysis to determine what type and size of heating system you will need. We are one of the fastest companies in the area for evaluating your home and recommending a heating solution.
  3. Once the evaluation stage is complete, we'll install an energy-efficient heat pump or a new gas furnace to meet your unique needs.

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FAQ: What is the whole-home approach to heater installation?

A new furnace or heat pump in your home will immediately affect other systems in your home. We start and finish every job with one question in mind: Is your home in sync? This means that we aim to increase comfort in every room and corner of the house – no matter what the conditions are outside.

Installing a new heater without considering air leakage, insulation, ductwork, humidity and dust control is like equipping your car with a bigger engine without evaluating the drive train. You may get a boost in power, but the car will be less functional than it was before.

Synergy Home Respects Your Home

When we come to your home for a new heating system installation, we respect the space as if it were our own. Our technicians wear shoe covers and use tarps to keep things neat. When the job is done, we vacuum the work area thoroughly – in fact, we think our cleaning equipment is the most important kit in the truck!

You'll be completely satisfied with the Synergy Home experience, from beginning to end. Talk to us today about evaluating your home for new heater installation.

Make sure your new heating system is right for your home.

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Wayne H., Lexington, KY

As a Lexington builder I have worked with Jamie for many years and have moved with him whenever he took a position with a new company. He has a better grasp in product systems and knowledge than any other professional HVAC guy in Lexington.


Lexington, KY
Wayne H.

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