Many homeowners in the Lexington area are dealing with the poor performance of their builder-installed air conditioning systems without knowing that there is an alternative. Builders' grade AC units are usually single-stage systems. They waste energy and lead to discomfort in the summer.

Is it time to consider a multi-stage AC system?

Two-stage and multi-stage AC systems do a better job of controlling humidity than builders' grade, single-stage equipment. Since humidity is responsible for a large portion of your overall comfort in the home, we encourage customers to make the switch.

You'll also gain in efficiency with a multi-stage system. The reason is that all AC systems are most efficient in their energy use after they run for a few minutes. Single-stage systems tend to run too fast and too short, which means they are burning through energy and increasing your monthly utility bills.

The goal with any AC system is to eliminate short cycling – the tendency of an over-sized unit to turn on and off frequently. Proper sizing is the key, and we'll help you find the "just right" option.

How else can we work with you to save energy and increase comfort?

Synergy Home is known for being a whole-home team. We evaluate your entire structure for savings opportunities such as improved air sealing and insulation, not just new AC equipment.

Call us today and schedule a full evaluation of your home! We'll set you up with the right air conditioner for this summer, and many more years to come.

FAQ: What is a SEER and why does it matter?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) measures the output of a cooling system for each energy unit it consumes. It is intended to give homeowners and contractors a rough estimate of the overall energy use they can expect with a new AC unit.

In our experience, SEER is not as important as getting the system sized properly and upgrading to 2-stage or variable-stage AC systems. When we visit your home to talk about your needs, we'll show you a graph of energy use with these different types of equipment. Then you'll be able to make the best decision!

Multi-stage AC gives you better control over your home comfort and energy use.

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