Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps from Synergy Home allow for much greater energy independence and energy efficiency.

Geothermal Heat Pump Services

Geothermal systems deliver exceptional home comfort throughout the year and are ideally suited for our Central Kentucky climate. This innovative technology provides both a heating and cooling solution, allowing for greater energy independence and energy efficiency.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling for Your Lexington Home

The underground temperature in Lexington, Kentucky is a steady 55 degrees throughout the year. Geothermal systems use a ground source heat pump to transfer heat to and from the soil under your home, making it easier to get warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer. These systems are so state-of-the art that they operate with relatively no noise and require a laptop just to make any adjustments!

As a ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealer, we use simply THE BEST geothermal units. ClimateMaster systems are compact and dependable throughout the year and with proper maintenance can last for 25 years.

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Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Efficiency. A geothermal heating and cooling system conducts heat 5 times more efficiently than a conventional heating and cooling system.

Comfort. Today’s geothermal heating and cooling systems have the most advanced technology on the market, providing more even airflow, hotter heat, colder cooling and advanced humidity control.

Reliability. Because geothermal heating and cooling systems have no outdoor unit, they are not subject to the harsh weather conditions that would increase the chance of deterioration and failure.

Longevity. Today’s geothermal heating and cooling systems are expected to last 25 years, and the wells in the ground are expected to last 100+ years. That’s more than twice the expected life span of today’s builder-grade heat pumps that are expected to last 10-12 years.

Value. With more than 5 times the efficiency and more than twice the life expectancy of conventional systems, a geothermal heating and cooling system is by far the best value in heating and cooling your home.

Synergy Home named top 1% geothermal contractor in the nation

Synergy Home is very proud to have been named a ClimateMaster GeoElite dealer this year. This ranks us in the top 1% of HVAC contractors nationally. With this ranking we have exclusive rights to install the most energy efficient system ever built, the ClimateMaster Trilogy 45Q with record setting efficiency in heating, cooling and full time hot water generation.

All ClimateMaster systems are factory sealed ensuring quality. With indoor installation eliminating exposure to the elements, your new system lasts longer than traditional systems that are outdoors. Each compressor is engineered to moderate the compressor load, extending system life.

As the world’s largest and most progressive leader in the industry, ClimateMaster offers a complete line of heating and cooling systems that can lower utility bills, improve indoor air quality, reduce environmental impact and keep you comfortable for years to come.

Customer Review

“We were introduced to Jamie through mutual friends after he graciously offered to help us work out kinks with an existing geothermal heating system. We decided on geothermal in our historic home in hopes of making it more energy efficient and were quite disappointed with the initial outcome. He worked tirelessly with us to troubleshoot problems with the system’s application to our home, which resulted in decreasing energy costs and improving comfort levels of our home. Truthfully, had it not been for Jamie’s expertise and commitment, we would not have realized the benefits of our investment. He’s the absolute best.” –Sarah C

Geothermal Installation

Synergy Home customers enjoy significant energy savings and exceptional home comfort from installing a geothermal system. These affordable systems are designed to last for decades and take advantage of a free source of energy under on your property for home heating and cooling. We are a ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealer and have access to the best geothermal equipment on the market.

Customized Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Synergy Home has quickly become the premier heating and cooling contractor throughout the Lexington, Kentucky area. We customize each geothermal system to the unique needs and layout of each Central Kentucky property.

Geothermal systems contain two primary components:

  • A heat pump in an interior cabinet
  • A ground loop

The ground loop utilizes the even temperatures of the earth beneath your property for heating and cooling your home. It consists of polyethylene pipes with a water and ethanol mix inside to prevent freezing.

There are several different common configurations for the ground loop depending on your property and project goals. There are three types of closed-loop systems:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Pond/lake

Much of the ground beneath Lexington is actually limestone, which is soft and easy to drill down through. For that reason, we install a vertical loop on 99% of the residential homes we work on. This also saves the trouble of digging up an entire lawn or large tract of land.

Geothermal System Costs

The cost of a geothermal system in Lexington, Kentucky depends largely on a couple of factors, including the heating and cooling needs of your home and the layout and soil composition of your property. Our team can go over specific system costs with you, based on your home’s particular needs and scope of the project.

When to Replace Your Geothermal System

Although geothermal systems are designed to last for decades, there have been many advances in geothermal technology in recent years. If your system is over 10 years old, replacing it with a new geothermal unit can effectively DOUBLE the overall energy savings. In most cases, the existing ground loop can be used with new equipment, making it a straightforward, affordable installation process.

The Synergy Home team has been working tirelessly in the Lexington area to ensure that all homeowners have the chance to consider going geothermal, no matter what your current construction is.

Do you want to go geothermal and save on your utility bills? We are your local experts.

Geothermal Maintenance

Energy efficient geothermal systems are durable and rarely require repairs. The equipment and ground loops are designed to last decades, especially when they are properly maintained.

It is important to hire a repair technician that is specially trained to repair and maintain geothermal systems. If you are experiencing signs that a repair is needed, Synergy Home technicians are skilled in quickly identifying and repair issues.

Signs That You Need Geothermal Repair

  • Reduction in cooling or heating power
  • Ice on indoor coils during the cooling season
  • Mechanical failure in the interior cabinet
  • Wet spot on the lawn
  • Unexplainable spike in the power bill
  • A loud grating noise coming from the interior cabinet
  • Reduction in airflow

While the ground loops of your geothermal system are designed to last 50 years or longer, the interior equipment typically lasts a couple decades. It is more common that repairs will be need in the interior cabinet than in the ground loop.

Although this is rare with systems that are less than 50 years old, the ground loop can form a leak over time. If you have an unexplainably wet spot on your lawn and your system isn’t as powerful as before, your geothermal ground loop may have a leak. Synergy technicians can add a dye into the heat pump to determine if there is a leak and where the leak is located.

Geothermal System Maintenance for Your Lexington Home

Like other types of HVAC equipment, geothermal units in Central Kentucky last longer when they are properly maintained. Regular maintenance can help prevent the need for a repair or stop a small repair from turning into a larger one. Synergy Home technicians are trained in all aspects of geothermal system maintenance. We can test the coolant levels in the ground loop and make corrections as needed. If there is concern, we can test the ground loops to determine if there is a leak. Our service package solutions can help guarantee you’ll receive maintenance before a serious repair is needed.

Homeowners can also perform regular maintenance. It is important to clean or change the air filter as recommended by the owner’s manual to promote airflow. Check the the condensate drain seasonally to ensure that water drains properly, since clogs can develop from debris mixing with water and becoming stuck in the condensate drain.

Want your geothermal system to be maintained or repaired by some of the leading geothermal experts in the Lexington area? Contact Synergy Home today!

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