Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump requires regular service and maintenance in order to keep it running as efficiently as possible.  You can rely on the service experts at Synergy Home to keep it functioning properly and for expert heat pump repair, if needed.

Should an issue arise with your heat pump, one of our friendly service technicians at Synergy Home will come to your home to diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.  Even though we’re a relatively new company, our service technicians have years of experience and are adept at working with the latest in heat pump technology and they can complete any repair that might be needed.

Our service technicians at Synergy Home have years of experience and they can complete any heat pump repair needed.

A poorly maintained heat pump system can cost you.  On average, a neglected heat pump can consume 10 to 25 percent more energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  It’s also more likely to stop working or have a shorter life span.  When your system isn’t working in a reliable manner, see what best describes your problem:

  • No heat or cooling
  • Insufficient heating or cooling
  • Cold air instead of heat
  • Hot air instead of cooling
  • Heat pump turns on and off frequently
  • Rattling, grinding or squealing noises

Your heat pump has to provide your home with both heating and cooling, which means that it never gets a break throughout the year.  This can cause several problems to develop.  If you’re having any issues with your heat pump, Synergy Home stands ready for fast, accurate and high quality heat pump repair service in Lexington and surrounding counties.  Our heat pump technicians can work on all brands of heat pumps.

Because your heat pump system provides both cooling and heating, it is used all year-round.  A heat pump performs much more work over the course of a year than a traditional air conditioner or furnace.  Therefore, a lot of stress is put on the system.  By having your heat pump regularly maintained, you’ll be alerted to small repair needs before they become larger, more costly repairs.  You’ll also be ensuring that your system runs as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

If your heat pump needs to be replaced, Synergy Home offers excellent installation.  Typically, you should replace your heat pump every 14 years or when it exhibits any of the following signs:

  • Numerous repairs are needed every season. If you need more than two repairs a year, you need a heat pump replacement.
  • Your cooling and heating bills are going up. If you notice a large increase in your energy bills, you need to get a new heat pump.
  • Your home still feels hot or cold. If it never seems like your home is cool or warm enough, it might need more than changing air filters.
  • You notice a reduction in air quality. If you or your family have noticed a decline in air quality in your home, it could very well be your heat pump.

At Synergy Home, we know that heat pumps are a vital part of daily living.  Since going into business, we have invested our skills and experience into serving, repairing and maintaining heat pumps for Central Kentucky customers.  If you have a problem, you can count on our fast and friendly Synergy Home technicians to take care of you.  Our repair service will get you back to feeling the warmth or cooling in no time, with peak efficiency that will save you money.  With our expert service, you’ll stay very comfortable in your home.  Synergy Home is dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the work that we do.

When it comes to heat pump repair or replacement in Lexington and surrounding counties, your total comfort is our number one priority at Synergy Home.