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Solar panels with the sun reflecting off them in kentucky installed by Synergy Home LLC
May 5, 2017

At Synergy, we keep getting questions about the Tesla solar roof, and I wanted to take the time to respond.

The concept of Tesla’s solar roof is great because it takes away all the concern of a solar array’s aesthetic on a traditional roof. However, the actual product doesn’t exist yet beyond the initial concept....

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Your home may be detrimentally affecting your indoor
February 11, 2016

If you have read anything I have ever written, you know by now that I preach about the “domino effect” that’s created when we make one upgrade to a home without accounting for how it affects other systems. Case in point: I recently visited a client in the Lexington area who said they had a case of “sick house syndrome,” meaning their house was...

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preventive maintenance for HVAC systems in Lexington Kentucky
January 11, 2016

Maintaining your home’s heating system is a big responsibility for any Lexington area homeowner, but few people actually take the time to schedule routine maintenance to make sure their systems...

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Indoor Air Quality
December 9, 2015

There is a catchy phrase right now that is growing in popularity among top builders: “build it tight and vent it right!” We really need to change the conventional wisdom of ventilating houses. As I mentioned in a...

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November 23, 2015

Be sure to read Part I of this 2-part series to learn about the history of ventilated crawlspaces and their potential dangers.

Home energy efficiency is problematic when you have a ventilated crawlspace. Cold air blows in...

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November 19, 2015

Many of our construction techniques have evolved by necessity due to how we live in our buildings. A great example of this is that 150 years ago in the warm South we started building elevated homes. This kept the house cool by allowing air to move underneath. We also began using high ceilings to allow the hotter air indoors to rise above the living space and constructed big wrap-around porches...

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Gas Stove Top
November 11, 2015

Here at the Clark household we recently had a debate about running the kitchen exhaust fan while cooking. Chef Haley (my wife) hates the sound of the fan so she prefers not to run it. But the smell of the gas range burning has me concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning.

We have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that never goes off, so you might ask why I’m concerned. Here’s why: The...

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October 23, 2015

Jamie Clark and his family don't just upgrade homes in the area for energy efficiency – they live in a top-performing home themselves! When it came time to make the changes Jamie wanted, he knew he would need to keep it within the style demands his wife wanted. Recently, the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote an article on that process.


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October 15, 2015

Solar photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s ultraviolet energy and convert it into electricity. Unfortunately that energy is in DC current and your home runs on AC current, so the power has to be inverted from DC to AC.

We have two primary ways to invert the power. The first is by combining all of the panels into one system and having one large inverter that handles the entire array....

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