Key HVAC Maintenance Chores You Should Never Skip

Technician is checking air conditioner

While there are plenty of household maintenance tasks that should always be left to professionals, there are still certain chores that homeowners should be able to handle. Synergy Home is the go-to name for quality HVAC Installation in Lexington, KY. Here, we take a close look at the different HVAC maintenance chores you should never skip.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Every HVAC system features an air filter that should be replaced regularly. While changing them may seem like a trivial chore, it is quite crucial to the overall efficiency of your system. Skip it and the dirt buildup will affect the system’s functionality, making it work harder just to attain the same results.

Clean Your Vents and Ducts

Deep cleaning of your air ducts should be left to an HVAC repair service, but you can still do some light cleaning on your own. Clear out any dust that you see on your vents, and don’t be afraid to take a vacuum to the space immediately behind them if you can.

Check Seals Around Windows

You can lose a lot of heat from unsealed windows even if you have HVAC services install a new furnace this winter. Before it gets too cold in your home, check your windows for any drafts. You may need to install new weather stripping or caulk to keep warm air in your home this winter. This is fairly easy to do on your own, but it is always preferable to hire a professional to do it.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Visits

Even if your heating and cooling system is still in good shape, you should still have professional HVAC maintenance regularly. This should be done at least once a year, but twice is ideal. Schedule your visits in the early spring or the early fall to catch any issues before they become too difficult to fix.

While you can perform most of these maintenance tasks on your own, most HVAC issues are best left to professionals. If you live in or near Lexington, KY, and you need an HVAC professional, contact Synergy Home today!