• Luxury home in the Lexington Kentucky area where Synergy Home LLC Operates as an HVAC contractor
    Lexington's Leading Heating, Cooling, and Home Performance Contractor
    When everything is working together your home will be more comfortable, more efficient and healthier. Our “house as a system” approach ensures that we guide you in making decisions that complement each other.
  • We Can Fix Your FROG
    Do you have a Finished Room Over your Garage that is seemingly impossible to keep comfortable? We have the perfect solution for you with a Mitsubishi Mini Split System!
  • Kentucky's Only 12 Year, No Hassle HVAC Warranty
    While most HVAC system warranties range from only five to ten years, we're pleased to offer a 12-year warranty on the HVAC units we install.

If it's time to upgrade your Lexington, KY home, it's time to talk with the Synergy team. Our unique "whole-home" approach sets us apart from other Lexington area contractors. Our building science experts will consider every aspect of your home to maximize comfort and energy efficiency while reducing your bills.

Focus on Home Comfort, Health & Energy Efficiency

The solutions Synergy provides will help you stay comfortable year-round while keeping your home safe and healthy for you and your family. Our specialists are also capable of making your home more energy efficient to reduce your carbon footprint while decreasing your monthly utility bills.

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Crawlspace encapsulation service provided by Synergy Home LLC.

Radon mitigation services provided by Synergy Home LLC.

Insulation service provided by Synergy Home LLC in Lexington, Kentucky


Synergy Home Solutions

Whatever your home needs, we can help with services like air sealing and insulation installation to boost overall home comfort and energy efficiency. We’re also experts in heating, air conditioning, and geothermal installation, repair, and replacement to make sure your home stays cool during the summer and warm in the winter, without costing a fortune to heat and cool.

For home health and safety, we provide comprehensive radon mitigation, indoor air quality solutions, and backup generator installation. If you’re especially concerned with reducing your bills while making a wise investment, the Synergy specialists can also help you go solar.

Lexington’s Local Contractors

Although we have a national reputation for excellence and home performance expertise, we’re on a mission to help local homeowners make their living spaces more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthier. Get in touch with our team if you’re ready for solutions to improve your Lexington, KY area home today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Jamie is brilliant and a huge supporter of energy conservation. He helps a lot of people in our area with simple, low-tech ideas to save money and be warmer in winter. As for geothermal, he is the best.

    Anonymous, Lexington, KY
  • Jamie at Synergy Home was absolutely wonderful to work with on my 180-year-old house remodel. This was a very challenging house project because this old house never had air conditioning. The crew was extremely knowledgeable. They solved the problem of where to route the lines and chose the... Read More

    Heather A., Lexington, KY
  • I applaud all businesses that apply technologies that save money for consumers and the environment.

    Barbara K., Lexington, KY
  • As a Lexington builder I have worked with Jamie for many years and have moved with him whenever he took a position with a new company. He has a better grasp in product systems and knowledge than any other professional HVAC guy in Lexington.


    Wayne H., Lexington, KY
  • Jamie's solar background and his ability to offer expertise on integrated systems give him a decided edge over all his competitors. He is a man of his word and has always honored his commitments.

    Wayne H., Lexington, KY
  • Lexington friends: If you need HVAC installation or repair, this is the place! Jamie Clark is an expert in efficient HVAC systems, and he finally owns his own company, Synergy Home. His opinion and his price are always the best. 

    Melinda W., Lexington, KY
  • There aren't many people in this industry that is more knowledge than Jamie. He has a passion for being on top of his game and being educated on the new areas of his industry. When I bought my house, he was the first one I called to come give me an analysis.

    Nick R., Lexington, KY
  • Here is what I got to say about Synergy services:

    Synergy is a great way to approach energy use and management. Jamie is a trustworthy contractor who will give the clients a thorough assessment of their home. Then, he will offer a few scenarios of how to best reduce the energy that goes... Read More

    Barbara S., Lexington, KY
  • Jamie came up with a unique solution to the problems we were having in our 100 year old home... I bought a house that I completely renovated, however, the airflow throughout still wasn't what it should've been. I've been a long-time customer of Jamie'... Read More

    Catherine N, Lexington
  • The service from Synergy Home was top notch. Their tech was extremely nice and personable. He fixed my AC unit and I had full confidence in everything he did!

    Geraldine J, Lexington
  • Thankful for Synergy

    You & your Crew have expanded our list for those of whom we are "Thankful"! We appreciate the hustle to bring the warmth --as will all those who be in the 'Gathering' here tomorrow --some of whom are already beginning to arrive for the occasion. So, again THANKS MUCH!!

    A Happy Customer, Lexington, KY

Improve your home's indoor air quality and overall health with smart solutions like crawlspace encapsulation, air sealing, and controlled ventilation by Synergy Home. Learn more about the hazards of uncontrolled ventilation and air leakage and what you should do about it as a Kentucky homeowner.

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