Whiteboard Wednesday 7

Whiteboard Wednesday 7

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:03] Hey, everyone. Amber Kennoy here once again for Everyday Kentucky with Jamie over at Synergy for Whiteboard Wednesday. So last time we talked a lot about getting that home just as tight as we can. What’s next?

Jamie Clark: [00:00:13] So once we’ve got it nice and tight, now we want to control that indoor air quality and we do that with accessories on your heating and cooling system. So in the industry we call it capture and kill. So by capture we want to put a really nice filter system on your heating and cooling. If your filter is not at least four inches wide, you’re probably not doing yourself any good.

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:32] So those little really thin ones are.

Jamie Clark: [00:00:35] In the industry. We call those rock stoppers because the only thing it’s there to do is to stop anything from going into the fan motor of the unit. It’s not meant for filtration. In fact, when you do the high efficiency filters, you’re actually hurting your equipment, putting it under more stress, because that’s just suck through something. When you’ve got something like this that has these deep four inch pleats, it puts a lot less resistance on the fan so we can catch a lot more dirt without hurting the equipment. Good to know. And then once we capture, we want to kill. This is an ultraviolet light system. This light, when plugged in inside of your air conditioning ductwork, is going to emit ultraviolet radiation that’s going to kill mold, mildew, prevent them from coming back. It kills dust mites, other microorganisms weakens virus, including the coronavirus. This model here also has this carbon block to it, which eliminates odors. And one of my pet peeves are like the glade plug ins and things like that. I don’t like those perfumes. It’s covering it up. This is air purification. It takes smells out of the way.

Amber Kennoy: [00:01:30] You fix salmon in the house.

Jamie Clark: [00:01:31] Oh, yes. Yes. So every hospital in America has these throughout their entire HVAC system. Every home in America should have these. If yours doesn’t, you should look at getting it right now.

Amber Kennoy: [00:01:42] And how easy are these to get installed?

Jamie Clark: [00:01:44] They’re super easy. This one here takes about 30 minutes if you don’t have a good filter system. Most time we can install a new filter rack in a couple of hours. Very low maintenance. You put a new bulb in this every year. You can buy this filter at Home Depot and replace it yourself if you’d like. For more information, you can give us a call at 859-687-0553 or on our website at mysynergyhome.com

Amber Kennoy: [00:02:05] Join us again next week for Whiteboard Wednesday.