AC Noises: Here’s What They Could Mean

man checking an AC in Nicholasville, KY

The air conditioner is designed to operate with a low-pitched sound. Nevertheless, there are times when the AC can produce weird sounds, which are often signs of damage. You may already be due or repairs or an AC replacement in Nicholasville, KY.

My Synergy Home lists down the following common AC noises and what they could mean.

1. Banging

If your AC generates banging noises, one or more components may be loose or broken. In most cases, the noise results from a loose or broken piston pin, connecting rod, or crankshaft. AC repair can fix the affected components to end the noise.

2. Screeching

The AC can generate screeching noises. A damaged fan motor in the condenser unit is the most common cause of screeching sounds in ACs. A malfunctioning compressor can also produce the sounds. Make sure you talk to our technicians for AC maintenance to eliminate the screeches.

3. Hissing

A hissing noise coming from your AC could mean several things. It could be leaky refrigerant lines, internal valve leaks, or a damaged compressor. Whatever the problem, have the experts fix it and don’t delay.

4. Humming

If you hear humming or buzzing sounds from the AC, know your system has a compressor problem. An electrical issue can also be a culprit for humming noises. Proper AC installation is vital for preventing humming noises. You also need swift repair and maintenance services.

Rely on AC Service Experts

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