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The staff of Synergy Home is standing by to serve you the next time you need professional HVAC installation in Frankfort, KY. As your dedicated HVAC installation team, you won't have to worry about receiving haphazard work or second-rate customer service from us because we're committed to excellence in everything that we do. We also have considerable work experience as a premier HVAC contractor, including the installation of a wide range of product brands.

Quality HVAC Equipments

The Importance of Professional HVAC Installation

The installation of a new HVAC unit is no time to skimp on the details. Improper installation can contribute to numerous operational problems over the life of the system and can even cause a unit to fail far earlier than necessary. Important, highly technical installation work and all related HVAC services should be left in the hands of skilled personnel like the members of our team. We possess two decades of previous experience and are committed to providing the quality installation services that your system deserves.

The Many Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Ongoing HVAC maintenance may sometimes seem like an unnecessary expense, but overlooking these critical tasks can have a detrimental effect on the system's functionality and cost of operation. Periodic maintenance will promote energy efficiency and may reduce the need for larger repairs. Overall system reliability also gets a boost when an HVAC unit is regularly serviced by a skilled professional.

Common HVAC Issues That We Address

The most obvious indicator of problems that need the immediate attention of an HVAC company is the complete failure of the system to deliver climate-controlled air, but most issues are far more subtle. Wiring problems can cause frequent breaker trips for electric HVAC units, while gas line leaks and pilot light troubles can plague gas-powered systems. Heating and cooling units become less efficient as they age, and mechanical parts can break down with extended usage. Our HVAC repair crew is capable of addressing all these common problems and many less common issues as well.

Signs You Need Complete HVAC Replacement Instead of Repair

The average heating and cooling system can be expected to last around 20 years before significant problems develop. If your system has exceeded this service life or if it has been damaged due to other causes, completely replacing it with a new unit may be the most sensible choice. If you ever find yourself facing the quandary of whether to repair or replace your HVAC system, our team will go over all the options with you so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Why Choose Synergy Home

The crew here at Synergy Home has so much to offer our local clientele. When you turn to us for HVAC installation in Frankfort, KY, or a nearby community, you can expect to receive:

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  • A premium product selection

  • A detailed written estimate

  • Honest, respectful communication

  • Convenient financing arrangements

  • Complete post-work clean-up services

  • A total satisfaction guarantee

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