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Georgetown, Kentucky experiences scorching summers, and when your air conditioning system stops working as it should, “losing your cool” takes on a new meaning. At Synergy Home, we’re committed to easing your worries with our comprehensive air conditioning services. These include AC replacement in Georgetown, KY.

We strive to deliver first-class air conditioning replacement and other HVAC services that meet and surpass your expectations. We can install units of all makes and models, and we’ll help you find the perfect size and output for your budget and needs. Be sure to contact us right away.

Professional AC Installation’s Benefits

When you leave your AC repair or replacement project to the experts at Synergy Home, we match your unique requirements to the right unit, meeting your comfort needs and improving daily enjoyment. Since our inception in 2015, our highly trained team has seen it all when it comes to cooling systems, and we’ll use our experience, know-how, and expertise to provide your home or business with outstanding service.

Additionally, we know all the changes and modifications in today’s air conditioners, so you can count on us to make the AC installation process more manageable. As a result, your energy bills, frequency of repairs, and unforeseen costs will be lower, thanks to our expertise.

Top Reasons Why AC Systems Fail

Whether it’s your residential or commercial cooling system, there are some common reasons for air conditioning failure. Having prior knowledge of the issue at hand can help you prevent those faults and make sure you’ll have a comfortable indoor space during summer. Here are some of the reasons your air conditioner might fail and need prompt AC services:

  • Refrigerant issues - Air conditioners rely on refrigerant to generate cool air. When the refrigerant leaks or gets low, it will result in your system failing to cool your home or office.

  • Faulty thermostat - If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it can cause your air conditioner to suddenly shut off.

  • Frozen evaporator coil - Clogged ductwork or dirty air filters can cause air flow issues in your unit, resulting in a frozen coil. Frozen coils cannot complete the refrigeration cycle, which means your air conditioner cannot function correctly.

  • Fan issues - Issues with the fans in your cooling system can cause it to fail. If either the one outdoors or the one indoors has a problem like debris buildup, it can restrict airflow and even result in significant issues like a damaged compressor.

Signs An Air Conditioning Replacement or Repair Is Needed

It can be challenging to predict when your air conditioner will stop working, but if you keep an eye on your unit, it will give you some signs that you need to replace it. Have our HVAC contractor replace your cooling system if you notice:

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • System keeps cycling

  • Unusually high energy bills

  • Aging system- 10+ years old

  • Frequent, costly repairs

  • Strange, consistent sounds from your system

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Routine AC maintenance helps prevent in-season breakdowns. In fact, scheduled maintenance can help reduce the frequency of repairs by up to 80%. Besides reducing your repair needs, regular tune-ups can help you save money on your cooling costs. Through proper maintenance, your system will run efficiently, consuming less energy.

Let Us Provide the Professional Services Your Cooling Unit Deserves

At Synergy Home, our HVAC company is known for:

  • Offering personalized services

  • Using high-quality parts and materials

  • Charging reasonable rates

  • Operating with integrity

  • Keeping our lines of communication open

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