Choosing Between A Ductless Or A Ducted AC

ductless AC Lexington, KY

HVAC is a huge part of most homes, it helps to keep them comfortable year-round. With the right systems, you can be comfortable no matter how hot or cold it might be outside.

For those looking for an HVAC installation in Lexington, KY, we have the options that work for you.

Which is Better, Ducted or Ductless?

What is Ducted HVAC?

Ducted HVAC is a system in which there is one pump for the entire home. It has a series of ducts that go from that central air unit, through the home. As far as HVAC system options go, this is the most common.

This type of system is going to be easy to install and costs a bit less. It’s also great for homes that either already have ducting in place from a previous system, or an average-sized home that a single unit can service.

What is Ductless HVAC?

When it comes to HVAC services, you might also want a ductless system. This is a system where it doesn’t use ducting and each room has its unit without any ducting to connect the rooms. This is best if you have a building or home divided up such as an apartment building, offices, and so on. This allows each unit to set its temperature.

No matter what type of system you choose, HVAC repair is super important. You should be looking for a professional company that can talk you through the benefits of each type of system. They can help you find the one that is going to work best for your home or property.

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, making sure you keep up with routine maintenance is going to help your system last longer and work better as well.

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