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If you need an electrical panel upgrade in Lexington, KY, the team at Synergy Home has more than a decade of experience providing expert service that always gets the results you need. When you have issues with your electrical panel, you have issues with every appliance or fixture that relies on electricity to function properly. This could mean lights, computers, refrigerator, oven, and more.

When you give us a call, we will come out to assess the situation and take a close look at your electrical panel to determine what action we should take. In most cases, an electrical panel upgrade will make a huge difference in the way your home functions. Having an older electrical panel in your home that isn’t working properly can be dangerous, so it’s important to take action and call in a professional to get the situation under control and keep everyone safe.

Do you need professional electrical panel upgrade service in Lexington, KY, or the surrounding areas? Get in touch with us today for reliable service you can count on.

Signs You May Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Lexington

Electrical panel upgrades are more about safety than anything else. Panel boxes may seem unassuming, but if yours is old or outdated you may be risking more than just inconsistent power to your home. There is also the potential for smoke damage or even fires if you have a faulty or overburdened electrical system. Some of the signs that would indicate it’s probably time for an electrical panel upgrade in your Lexington home, include:

  • Breakers that trip regularly or frequently blown fuses

  • Having to shut off one appliance just to use another

  • Melted wires

  • Circuit Breakers that won’t trip when they should

  • Flickering lights in your house

  • Smoke or crackling type noises coming from the panel box

  • This is that never seem to run at full power

  • They need to use extension cords to power all the devices you want to use

  • Rust or corrosion forming on your Breakers or other parts of the panel box

If you notice any of these signs, make sure to give us a call as soon as possible so we can come out and assess the situation. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of serious issues that could damage your home or potentially risk your family’s safety.

High-Quality Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lexington, KY

As top-rated electrical technicians in Lexington and the surrounding areas, the team at Synergy Home can provide you with comprehensive electrical services that include upgrading your electrical panel. There’s no reason to risk the consequences of a damaged electrical panel when expert help is just a phone call away. We can provide you with a range of electrical panel services, that include:

Who Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

If you have an older home and your electrical panel has not been serviced in some time, it’s probably a good time to call for an electrical panel upgrade In Lexington. The longer a house uses an electrical panel, the higher the likelihood of various wires and parts wearing out and causing problems. If you want your home to run smoothly at all times, keeping your electrical panel upgraded is a key factor. Some of the other reasons you may need to call for electrical panel upgrade, include:

  • If you’re doing home renovations, especially in the kitchen

  • If you need to add a subpanel to the current one

  • If you are considering adding new major appliances to your house

  • If you’re building an addition

  • If you’re adding more electrical outlets to the house

  • If it’s a requirement to meet your homeowner insurance obligations

Electrician working on an electrical panel with a screwdriver

We Serve Several Communities in the Lexington Area

Our industry-leading electrical panel upgrade services are available in Lexington and the following areas:

Working with Our Team of Lexington Electricians

When you work with us, you get to take advantage of our proven electrical services and exceptional customer service. Here are a few of the reasons that will keep you coming back again and again:

  • Better Business Bureau rating of A plus

  • A whole-house approach using the latest building science

  • Flexible financing options available

  • Honest and open pricing structure

  • Fully licensed and insured technicians that care about your home

For high-quality electrical panel upgrades in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding communities, get in touch with us today.



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