How Does An Air Handler Work And Its Role In HVAC Systems

HVAC air handler unit Lexington, KY

The air handler is an integral component of every HVAC installation in Lexington, KY. It plays a critical role in distributing conditioned air throughout the space. Understanding how an air handler works is essential for ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

What Is An Air Handler?

An air handler’s primary function is to circulate conditioned air throughout the building. It regulates indoor temperature, humidity levels, and air quality. It is one of the key parts of your HVAC system.

The air handler unit consists of a blower fan, heating and cooling coils, filters, and dampers. The blower fan draws air from the return ducts into the air handler. There, it passes through the filters to remove dust, debris, and airborne contaminants.

Once filtered, the air flows over the heating or cooling coils, depending on the desired temperature. In heating mode, the coils source heat from a furnace or heat pump. It warms the air before it distributes it through the ductwork into the living or working spaces. In cooling mode, the coils source cool air from an air conditioner or heat pump, removing heat from the air and lowering its temperature.

The Other Main Functions Of An Air Handler

Air handlers also control humidity levels. During the cooling operation, moisture in the air condenses on the cooling coils. This reduces humidity levels and improves comfort. In humid climates, air handlers use features such as dehumidification coils or variable-speed blowers to enhance humidity control and comfort.

Air handlers also contribute to indoor air quality. It filters out airborne particles, allergens, and pollutants. It has high-efficiency filters that trap contaminants. This prevents bad elements from circulating throughout the building, improving overall air quality. Regular HVAC maintenance, including filter replacement and cleaning of coils and components, is essential for optimal performance and air quality.

The air handler is a critical component of HVAC systems. It also needs proper maintenance, including routine inspection and cleaning. Call Synergy Home for expert maintenance and repair. Trust only the most reliable local HVAC specialists in business for more than 20 years.