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Does Radon Cause Cancer?

Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. In fact, it’s the leading cause of cancer for nonsmokers in the United States. For smokers, radon comes in second and contributes to an already-dangerous health situation. Radon comes from the soil as uranium breaks down in nature. Found everywhere in the world, radon levels can vary depending on the …

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Radon Cancer

Houses Don’t Need to Breathe, Because When They Do They Actually “Suck”!

Sophomoric humor aside, houses that “breathe” through air leaks really do suck — they suck air from all the wrong places. We call this uncontrolled or unintentional ventilation, also known as infiltration. The Dangers of Uncontrolled Ventilation Uncontrolled ventilation simply means that your house is “breathing” from the worst possible places, such as your attic …

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Trouble Breathing

Is My House Making Me Sick?

If you have read anything I have ever written, you know by now that I preach about the “domino effect” that’s created when we make one upgrade to a home without accounting for how it affects other systems. Case in point: I recently visited a client in the Lexington area who said they had a …

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