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Lexington, KY is a 4-season climate, and when it starts to cool down you're definitely going to feel it. Synergy offers a full range of heating services – from traditional systems to high-end, super-efficient options. If your home is ready for an upgrade, we can install exactly what you need after completing an evaluation of the entire house.

The services don't stop with installation. Maintenance will extend the life of any heating system, old or new. Synergy recommends seasonal maintenance every year to prevent costly repairs and sudden furnace breakdowns.

Call us today for the Synergy "whole-home" approach. We'll talk about the hot and cold spots in your home and discuss solutions that will make you more comfortable all winter!

In Lexington, KY's mid-range climate, a modern heating system is essential. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking to upgrade the comfort level in an older home, Synergy offers a consultative, whole-home approach to heater installation.

It’s a fact that heating systems on a regular preventative maintenance plan only experience breakdowns 2% as often as systems that do not have regular maintenance. Systems breakdown when they are under the most stress which is also the worst possible time for a breakdown. While we can tune up your heating system any time of year early fall is optimum to help us keep you running through the winter.

Heat pumps are the modern option for a high-performing home heating system. Here at Synergy Home, we've seen significant growth in the demand for these systems as homeowners become increasingly aware of the benefits.

Today's gas furnaces are higher performing and more energy efficient than ever, but many contracting companies still go with a "one size fits all" approach. Synergy Home offers properly sized, variable-speed furnaces that will work perfectly in your home this winter – and for many years to come.

High-performance heating to take you through winter.

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You & your Crew have expanded our list for those of whom we are "Thankful"! We appreciate the hustle to bring the warmth --as will all those who be in the 'Gathering' here tomorrow --some of whom are already beginning to arrive for the occasion. So, again THANKS MUCH!!

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This is a conversation about gas furnaces, so if you have an all-electric heat pump or some other heat source then this article is not for you, but please check back soon since we will be writing about other forms of heating in the coming weeks.