Top Features to Look For in a New HVAC System

HVAC system being installed

There are a lot of features to consider when purchasing a brand-new HVAC system. In buying a new system, you need to do a bit of research to make sure you purchase the one that suits your needs best. At My Synergy Home, we advise our clients to always consider the things that are important to them to ensure they make a good purchase. The trust we build with our clients is the reason we’ve become the go-to company for HVAC installation in Lexington, KY.

Here are some features you should be looking for when purchasing your HVAC system.

High SEER Rating HVAC

An HVAC system with a high SEER rating offers significant energy savings compared to lower-rated systems. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This ratio is the typical cooling output of an HVAC system during the length of a cooling season. If you are looking to save money on your monthly power bills, make sure to check the SEER rating first.

Variable-Speed Motor

If you want the highest efficiency out of your new HVAC, look for one with a variable-speed motor. The variable speed motor is a smart feature because it allows you to constantly adjust the temperature of your HVAC while the main sensor is still on. HVAC repair may become a more frequent problem with older models, but variable-speed motors are designed to last for many years.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will allow you to control when and at what temperature your HVAC runs. This will allow you to save on your energy bills, especially when you are away. A smart thermostat can connect with gadgets such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. This integration allows your HVAC to be controlled using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. HVAC maintenance is made easier with the help of a smart thermostat as well.

Zoning System

A zoning system means that your HVAC can be split into multiple zones, allowing you to regulate the temperature in different areas of your home or office. HVAC services can also allow you to customize, upgrade and repair your entire HVAC to ensure it will always work efficiently.

When purchasing a new HVAC, there are numerous features that you should look for and consider. My Synergy Home offers, making the process easy and providing a great service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!