Top Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling Properly

Adjusting Air Condition Lexington, KY

Many of our houses have air conditioners, which are popular all over the country. But have you ever tried to turn on your AC and it didn’t start cooling the air? It can happen all of a sudden, and knowing why is not always simple. Those reasons could mean time for repair or an AC replacement in Lexington, KY.

At My Synergy Home, we provide different AC services. Let’s talk about some common reasons why your AC might not be cooling your home as it should.

Blocked Filters

This is a common problem with air conditioners not working well. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and pollen can block your filters as time passes. When this happens, the air doesn’t flow properly, and your cooling system also doesn’t work. Regular AC maintenance is crucial to preventing such problems. Let a professional clean or change your filters every three months.

Refrigerant Leak

Sometimes, your air conditioner might have an issue with its coolant. This substance helps your AC cool the air. If there’s a problem, the coolant might start to leak out. This can be a problem because breathing in the leaking coolant could lead to health problems. Any signs of a coolant leak are serious. Seek professional AC repair right away to address the issue.

There’s a Problem with the Thermostat

Another aspect affecting your AC’s functionality is the thermostat. If your thermostat malfunctions, your AC might not work as expected. Sometimes, a thermostat repair can fix the issue. In other cases, a complete AC replacement might be necessary.

We hope that the next time you’re wondering, “Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling as it should?” you can pinpoint the problem. You can rely on our expertise and 20 years of experience in the industry. Contact My Synergy Home for prompt services, including AC Installation, and more.