What Causes Heating System Breakdowns?

heating system repair Georgetown, KY

Now is not the time for your heater to break down. Synergy Home wants your heater keeping the house warm as the weather gets colder. The signs you need HVAC repair in Georgetown KY, or replacement are:

Air Filter Clogs

A dirty air filter continues to collect dust and dirt when it has no space to trap it. That blocks the airflow. The HVAC system works harder and consumes more energy to heat the home. That leads to overheating, reduced efficiency, a shortened lifespan, and system failure.

Parts Failure

A broken fan motor, frozen coil, or leaking refrigerant can cause the unit to break down. The circuit board, wiring, or heat exchanger coils could be faulty. The ignition or fuel supply could be the culprit. The only way to know what’s wrong is to rely on us for HVAC service repair.

Faulty Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat runs without heat, nonstop, or short cycles. It could also reach its lifespan and need a replacement. Your thermostat may need new batteries, a system reset, or a home HVAC repair to fix the wiring.

Old Age

Old age is a sign of HVAC replacement. Older heaters can’t keep up with the heating demand like they once did, and they experience repairs at a frequent and costly pace. The chances increase after the unit reaches 15 years of age.

Clogged Ductwork

Our HVAC contractor may discover that the ductwork is the problem. There may be animals, debris, or dust blocking the vent or ductwork, blocking the airflow from entering the room. The result is heat imbalance, overheating, short cycles, and deterioration.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

An HVAC maintenance routine may lead to the home’s circuit breaker being the culprit. That comes from the unit not turning on or off. Resolve this issue by turning the breaker back on.

Some solutions are as simple as changing the air filter or batteries; others require our HVAC services. Contact Synergy Home for unit repair and replacement.