Whiteboard Wednesday 1

Whiteboard Wednesday 1

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:03] Hi everyone. Thanks for keeping it here on WKYT for Everyday Kentucky. I’m Amber Kennoy, and with us today over at Synergy Home is Jamie Clark, and we’ve got this Whiteboard Wednesday concept coming up. So you’re going to introduce us to what people can expect and encourage them to submit their questions.

Jamie Clark: [00:00:16] Yes. So at Synergy Home, we’re always a teaching organization. We take a lot of young men and women and raise them up to do the the best heating, cooling, building science we possibly can. So when I was approached by Everyday Kentucky to do a Ask the Expert segment, I was like, You know, I’m a whiteboard junky, so let’s do Whiteboard Wednesdays. We’ll come in every week, we’ll answer questions from homeowners, we’ll talk about common problems with your home. Comfortable issues. You know, utility bills, drafty, too dry, allergens, radon. We’ll talk about all things using a whole house method with building science because we want our customers to have healthy, comfortable, energy efficient homes. That’s the goal of everything we do at Synergy.

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:56] All right. So you talked a lot about some things that probably a lot of people didn’t even realize that you can help with.

Jamie Clark: [00:01:01] It is well, and, you know, I spent 28 years in the heating and cooling industry. And for the first ten years, I was frustrated because you can’t fix people’s problems with heating, cooling alone. You know, we realize that the way that the heating and air works with the insulation, the way that it works with your windows, your doors, everything works together in a synergy, no pun intended. But the goal is to use whole house methods with building science so that we know that if we combine the right insulation with the right heating and cooling, we can make big impacts for your air quality, your utility bills, the draftiness of the home, using multiple methods together we leverage them so we get a much greater impact.

Amber Kennoy: [00:01:37] So when I’m hearing like for instance, if I have a crawl space, yes. So it doesn’t matter how great the HVAC unit is, how much insulation I have, if I’m pulling in cold air or hot air down here, I’m creating a problem within itself.

Jamie Clark: [00:01:49] You absolutely are. And you’re bringing dust into your house. You’re bringing allergens, insects, mice, things that you don’t want. Snakes. Yes, snakes. So crawl space encapsulation is one of the fastest growing parts of our business. If your home is on a crawl space, it absolutely should be encapsulated. And we’ll dedicate one whole Whiteboard Wednesday to that right there.

Amber Kennoy: [00:02:08] All right. If they have questions, how can they get them to you?

Jamie Clark: [00:02:10] Email us at info@mysynergyhome.com or give us a call, 859-687-0553.