Whiteboard Wednesday 6

Whiteboard Wednesday 6

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:03] Thanks for staying with us here on Everyday Kentucky. I’m Amber Kennoy. And it is Whiteboard Wednesday with Jamie over at Synergy. So spring allergies, we all have them. And if you live in Kentucky, you’re pretty much have them. Jamie, I’ve heard that like the actual air inside your home, though, can be like up to five times as unclean.

Jamie Clark: [00:00:21] Many studies have documented that indoor air quality is anywhere from 2 to 5 times as bad as outside air quality. And a lot of that is because of my least favorite expression.

Amber Kennoy: [00:00:31] Oh, you don’t want your house to breathe?

Jamie Clark: [00:00:33] Houses don’t need to breathe. If you hear somebody say, house needs to breathe. Hand them an eight track take to go back in time, because that’s where that science is based. We want our homes to be as tight as we can make it. The problem is, when a house breathes, it sucks air in from places we don’t want and that process is called infiltration. So if you look at our house here, this is a typical home. So in the middle of the summertime, when the sun’s beating on that attic, the air in here gets super hot. And as that air is exhausting out, it’s got to be replaced from air inside the house, cooling it. Typically it’s pulling in from places you don’t want it to. If you live on a crawl space, 25% of your air came in through the crawl space first, and that’s got mold, sometimes sewage, animals. We don’t want that stuff in there. If you live in a basement where the house and the basement meet, that’s called your rim joist, you can look at the pink fluffy insulation down there with the black streaks in it, and you can see where the air is making a path. So what we want to do is come in, encapsulate the attic, make nice and tight, remove all that old dirty fiberglass, encapsulate the crawl space, encapsulate the basement. We’ll make your house as tight as it is. It’s possible. And then that way we can control it because we can’t control it as the house is breathing because it’s constantly bringing bad stuff in. So we actually wrote a blog about it. It’s on our website this month. If you go to my synergy home, go to our blog page. If you want to reach us, you can reach us at 859-687-0553 or mysynergyhome.com

Amber Kennoy: [00:01:54] And we’ll continue this conversation next Wednesday for Whiteboard Wednesday.