Simple Ways to Help Boost AC Efficiency

AC system Lexington, KY

An efficient air conditioner can help you save up on energy bills and keep your home cool and comfortable. At My Synergy Home, we do more than provide AC replacement in Lexington, KY; we provide a wide range of services to improve AC efficiency. Discover below how you can increase your AC’s efficiency in just a few simple ways.

Change Your Air Filter

An air filter prevents the contaminants in your indoor air from entering your AC and contaminating its parts. It also maintains good indoor air quality, protecting you from the irritations and health complications associated with poor indoor air quality.

Failing to change your air filter limits the amount of air that enters your AC. This is because the contaminants create a barrier that prevents smooth airflow. Poor airflow also causes a lot of strain on the system’s components. As a result, you will need frequent AC repair services, as its parts tend to break down often.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

When you call us for maintenance services, our technicians will inspect your system thoroughly and repair any malfunctioning parts. They will also lubricate all the moving parts and clean all components. A steady AC maintenance routine helps to increase your system’s lifespan and keep it efficient, resulting in lesser energy consumption.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor AC unit helps to release the heat absorbed from your home to the environment. It is normal for debris, leaves, and dirt to accumulate on this component since it is outside. Neglecting this unit will reduce your AC’s efficiency because it experiences difficulties disposing of the excess heat from your house. Consider clearing any vegetation around your outdoor AC component. Also, inspect it regularly and remove any contaminants accumulating on it.

Respond to Breakdowns Immediately

One mistake most homeowners make is ignoring unusual AC behaviors. When your air conditioner has a malfunctioning component, there is a high likelihood the system will produce weird smells and sounds. Calling for prompt AC services will help you curb small issues before they turn into complex ones.

With these simple ways, you can effectively boost your air conditioning system’s efficiency and rake in the energy savings. Contact us today at My Synergy Home whenever you need AC installation and repair services. We will take care of the problem swiftly and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank!